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Prices subject to change

All you can eat Chips & Salsa for only $2.79

Baskets include 2 dogs and waffle  fries.

All Children’s Meals include your choice of beans and rice or waffle fries

and a small beverage of your choice.

All dinners include three (3) tacos, rice and beans.
Your choice of shell: soft flour or corn, hard or puffy style.

Remember, if you want some spice, do it “Benny Style” for $1.49
Or a side of pico for .99 on any meal.

Free re-fills on fountain soda, coffee and tea only.


All sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, chips and your choice of bun pretzel or brioch. (With waffle fries, add 2.00)


All Mexican Dinners Include Rice & Beans

  • $7.99

    Two corn tortillas smothered in beans, taco meat, melted cheese and burrito sauce; then topped with lettuce and tomatoes.

  • $12.49

    Your choice of seasoned steak, marinated chicken or a combination of of both – sauteed to perfection with peppers and onions. Served with warm tortillas and plenty of fixins. $12.49 Steak $13.49 Combo $12.99

  • $8.49

    Soft flour tortillas layered with marinated chicken and cheese – topped with sour cream and our own fresh guacamole. $8.49 Steak $9.99

  • $9.49

    (3) Three enchilada with mild green chili sauce.

  • $8.99

    One each of our beef taco, cheese enchilada and tostada – served with a taste of fresh guacamole. $8.99 Chicken $9.99 Steak $10.99

  • $7.99

    (3) Three rolled corn tortillas stuffed and smothered in sauce and melted cheese.   Cheese $7.99 Chicken $9.49 Combo $8.99 Steak $9.99 Pork $9.99 Taco Meat $8.49.

  • $13.49

    Please ask your server for more information. Chicken $13.49 Steak $14.49

  • $9.49

    Your choice of ham, seasoned steak or marinated chicken rolled in corn tortillas and crisply fried. Then topped with swiss cheese, sour cream and guacamole – combos available.

  • $ 6.99

    Two (2) flat corn tortillas topped with beans, taco meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. $ 6.99 Chicken $7.99 Steak $8.49

 **Please No Substitution**

Sauce contains peanuts.


All American Dinners Include Waffle Fries & Salad

Call For Takeout
No dine-in at this time
Currently takeout only
Open Tue-Sat
Normal open hours
We close at 8:30pm
For takeout orders please call us at
616-887-2500 or